Will Grant

UX/UI expert, Interaction Designer, Startup co-founder & CTO.

Will is a web technology entrepreneur with 15+ years’​ experience leading teams (and products) at the intersection of technology and usability.


After his Computer Science degree, Will trained with Jakob Nielsen and Bruce Tognazzini at the Nielsen Norman Group - the world leaders in usable design.

Since then Will has overseen the usability, architecture and scalability of powerful web sites that are easy (and even fun) to use.

Will co-founded Droplet in 2011 - a startup technology company, Droplet is a mobile payment & loyalty platform, an app for iOS and Android, and a way for merchants to connect with their customers in better ways.

Key projects include work for:

  • London 2012 (london2012.com went on to win a Webby award)
  • Channel 4
  • NHS
  • Department for Communities and Local Government


Usability, interaction design, mobile & web apps, fintech, startups, business development, user interfaces (and experience), security, machine learning, artificial intelligence, disruptive ideas and technology.

Contact me

Email: will@willgrant.org

Twitter: @wgx


Skype: wgvoip

Clarity.fm: Will Grant