Will Grant

UX/UI expert & interaction designer.

Will is a web technology entrepreneur with 15+ years’​ experience leading teams (and products) at the intersection of technology and usability.


After his Computer Science degree, Will trained with Jakob Nielsen and Bruce Tognazzini at the Nielsen Norman Group - the world leaders in usable design.

Since then Will has overseen the usability, architecture and scalability of powerful web sites that are easy (and even fun) to use.


Will currently practises user experience and interaction design at D4 Software.

Will co-founded Droplet in 2011 - a startup technology company, Droplet is a mobile payment & loyalty platform, an app for iOS and Android, and a way for merchants to connect with their customers in better ways.

Key projects include work for:

  • Channel 4
  • Department for Communities and Local Government
  • Econsultancy
  • London 2012 (london2012.com went on to win a Webby award)
  • NHS
  • Nottingham Trent University



Usability, interaction design, mobile & web apps, startups, user interfaces (and experience), security, machine learning, artificial intelligence, disruptive ideas and technology.

Contact me

Email: will@willgrant.org

Twitter: @wgx


Skype: wgvoip

Clarity.fm: Will Grant