Will Grant

Web technology entrepreneur with over 15 years’ experience overseeing the design, architecture and marketing of powerful web sites that are easy (and even fun) to use.

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As well as working on large-scale web systems for local and national government with millions of users, Will has completed post-graduate training in usability and interaction design by the Nielsen Norman Group – the world leaders in usability.


Usability, interaction design, SaaS, cloud computing, web apps, geekery, startups, business development, user interfaces (and experience), disruptive ideas and technology.


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  • Free Idead

    You have god ideas. u are not alone. There should be an idea dump for the world. That ones free

  • http://www.nickeubanks.com/ Nick Eubanks

    Hey Will, I recently came across your post on .NET magazine (http://www.netmagazine.com/opinions/open-source-your-ideas) and wanted to reach out. I had a similar vision, and quickly threw together http://appdea.net – tag line: open source ideas for applications. I haven’t done much with it yet outside of building the site and modifying the theme architecture (you need to be logged in to see anything other than the placeholder screen) but I’m looking for some ‘like’ thinkers to potentially help me begin to get some users and figure out what the real MVP is here. If it sounds interesting, please shoot me a message so I can create a user for you and you can tell me what you think. Thanks so much!