How to: stop Chrome from bypassing AdBlock on YouTube

As reported (Google Chrome reportedly bypassing Adblock, forces users to watch full-length video ads), it's possible to fix this behaviour: Uninstall the YouTube 'app' within Chrome Enter 'chrome://apps' into the address bar Right-click on the YouTube icon Choose 'Remove from Chrome' All done, AdBlock should now behave as expected. [more...]
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Droplet Rewards voucher code

For a free £5 to spend in any Droplet Rewards merchant, use this code: WILL357 To use: Open Droplet Rewards on iOS or Android Tap Settings > Redeem voucher Enter WILL357 All done! Droplet Rewards for iOS: Droplet Rewards for Android: [more...]
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Inside the PXP3 Slim Station

The 'PXP3 Slim Station' is a 'knock off' handheld games console. Made in China and unbranded, it's packaged in a smaller version of a Sony PSP case - cloned of course. It runs a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis in the US) emulator and comes with a built in selection of... [more...]
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Stuff you can't teach

We're currently on a mini-tour giving a talk ("How not to start a startup") where we try to be self-deprecating and talk about the (many) mistakes we've made along the Droplet journey of the last 4 years. After the talks I've ended up talking to lots of people - mostly other founders... [more...]
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A wiki-like crowd-driven democracy

Wikipedia works because the number of people who wish to make the articles better outweigh the number who wish to vandalise them. Democracy has a problem: disengagement. There are too many levels of abstraction between the citizen voter and the decisions being made that affect us citizens. The voter votes for... [more...]
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We're selling shares in Droplet

Droplet is the startup payments platform I've been working on with the team for nearly 3 years now. We've grown to over 600 merchants in five cities and we announced on Friday that we're raising funding by selling equity in Droplet - to our users first. We announced to our users... [more...]
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Back doors

"There's no back door that only lets good guys go through it" What David Cameron just proposed would endanger every Briton and destroy the IT industry, by Cory Doctorow. [more...]
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