The vision statement of the Wikimedia foundation (who run Wikipedia) is; Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That's our commitment. The sum of all knowledge, free, for every human. Wikipedia have scale challenges - they're the fifth-most-visited property... [more...]
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Sometimes it's nice to get back to basics and examine the core reasons behind moving your startup in a particular direction. Here's some core truths behind our vision for Droplet: There is a need for an alternative, ethical approach to payments (and banking) That transaction fees are doomed and won't... [more...]
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A plea to developers: help reboot payment

We've got a fantastic iOS app called Droplet that lets you pay people, real shops as well as your friends, without transaction fees. We're also launching on Android too in the next few weeks. For our customers, we're all about the app - it's the only way they interact with... [more...]
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Droplet featured on TechCrunch

From the article: It’s so simple and disruptive I wonder why others haven’t really tried it. Droplet is a mobile money app on iOS that lets you load cash onto your phone and send payments to anyone – including participating retailers – for free. Droplet plans to disrupt mobile cash... [more...]
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We're doing for payments what MP3 did for CDs

If you think of the internet as just a series of pipes; then it's what you push down those pipes that matters. We used to buy CDs, but as MP3 compression and home internet connection speeds matured simultaneously, it became more convenient (and cheaper) to deliver music over the internet.... [more...]
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We're up

Droplet, the mobile payment platform we've been working on for twelve months, is up and running in beta. We've started with merchants in Birmingham, UK - mainly because we want to tackle the 'two-sided market' problem in a small, dense area. It's been a really intense four days, and I've... [more...]
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Turn on two-factor authentication

If you're reading this and you're not using two-factor authentication (TFA) for your online services, stop reading now and go enable it. Using TFA, if your passwords are ever compromised (LinkedIn, eHarmony,, then an attacker would also need access to your phone to log in. Pretty secure. Dropbox have... [more...]
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