Are pre-roll video ads dead yet?

Early on in TV's lifespan, advertisers realised we’d sit through a short commercial while we waited for the show to resume.

Today’s viewers forage online – searching for the clips they want to see, flitting between traditional sites and video destinations – and the appearance of a pre-roll video advert is likely an unwelcome interruption.

On the other hand; context-sensitive, non-intrusive advertising has turned Google into a multi-billion dollar business, yet I’m still stuck watching a 20 second pre-roll ad for a car that isn’t even available in the UK.

Yet, they appear nonetheless. No other content on the web is subject to this intrusive treatment – Google searches, image results, Flickr photos and your Facebook friends.

Surely it's time advertisers got a bit more innovative? And quickly, before people switch off totally to their messages.