Will Grant

User Experience Consultant & Author with over 20 years experience delivering powerful web & mobile products that have reached over a billion users.

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Over the past 20 years I've learned a lot about UX. Sometimes big things, but more often lots and lots of tiny things. It's hard to pick all these individual lessons out, it feels like they've been compiled into a big “binary blob” in my brain.

Over the past year I’ve been working to unpick these threads and extract everything I’ve ever learned about UX into a book; it’s nearly done and 101 UX Principles is available to pre-order on Amazon now.

There are countless books about designing for the web. They all give multiple routes, options, and solutions to solving design problems. Many of them are plain wrong.

This has led to an entire generation of designers failing to make interfaces that are usable, software that’s intuitive, and products that normal people can understand.

101 UX Principles offers 101 opinionated methods to solve 101 UX problems clearly and single-mindedly.

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