Will Grant

User Experience Consultant & Author with over 20 years experience delivering powerful web & mobile products that have reached over a billion users.


Your product is great, 'best in class', cutting edge.

Your customer service is exceptional, you're a 'customer-focused business'.

You have a strong technology roadmap, great features and killer developers working on it all.

There's one thing that's more important to the success or failure of a startup business than any of these things: let's call it hustle.

By that I mean:

  • Your ability to sign that licensing deal, or
  • get the right ad network, or
  • get the best rate on your payment gateway,
  • hire the right developer,
  • blag the coverage on the right blog, and
  • a thousand things like these...

These things matter more.

At the end of the day, really: it's all about hustle.