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Idea dump #3

From time to time I come up with ideas which, for whatever reason, I can’t work on right now.

Rather than jealously guarding these ideas, I’m going to post them here in regular bursts, in case someone out there wants to run with them.

Most importantly, sharing your ideas triggers something unexpected: it forces you to come up with new ones.



Social Sync

A web service that you sign up to, then add and remove social accounts for any compatible (API-enabled) service. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Then, the application will silently and automatically keep your networks in sync - whichever you post to. Rules and knowledge of the content compatibility will ensure photos on Facebook are added to Twitpic and Tweeted, that links shared on Twitter are copied to LinkedIn and so on.

Think: 'clever sync for social media'.

Or: 'Rsync for social'.


Haptic Gas Pedal

Haptic feedback works with a user's sense of touch by applying forces, and vibrations through the control surface. It’s an extra way to give the user a 'feel' of what’s happening on a device.

Car manufacturers could implement a series of distinct haptic tones which can be felt through the foot when accelerating - designed to teach the driver to drive more economically.

A ‘reward’ vibration could be felt after a period of economical driving, while an ‘angry’ buzz would be felt if there was hard driving or braking.


Proximity Password

If you’re at home, using the web through your own encrypted wireless connection, then you’re ‘safe’. Assuming this, a browser or OS could automatically authenticate you on websites you visit.

Effectively, a master password for your keychain linked to your WiFi credentials. If you’re out and about, then you’d still need to enter passwords - but while at home, it’s fine to auto-authenticate with sites.

If an attacker is using your computer, on your wireless: you’ve got bigger problems to worry about first.



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