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Idea dump #5

From time to time I come up with ideas which, for whatever reason, I can’t work on right now.

Rather than jealously guarding these ideas, I’m going to post them here in regular bursts, in case someone out there wants to run with them.

Most importantly, sharing your ideas triggers something unexpected: it forces you to come up with new ones.


AutoMarket - grocery shopping, rebooted.

Grocery shopping is a pain. Do it in real life and it’s a nightmare. Doing your shopping online is way more convenient, but once you’re using one supermarket website there’s a large ‘cost of switching’ to set everything up again on a rival site.

AutoMarket would be a managed, clever household grocery service - a layer on top of all the supermarket sites.

From learning your basket and learning the similarities between types of products, it could aggregate your shop over multiple retailers, taking advantage of special offers and delivery discounts, to give you the best possible price.

You could tap items on a tablet to say they're used and AutoMarket would learn the general frequency of purchases and plan ahead for you. 'Fire and forget' shopping.

Revenue could come from retailers vying to be listed and offering promotions.


Peer-to-peer Insurance Exchange

Take on the world of insurance and make it fair, simple and equitable. This would be a platform for matching investors (insurers) with consumers (policyholders). The system could spread risk at both ends of the market.

Revenue could be substantial from just a tiny % of all transactions through the platform - plus the market would find the fairest price possible for customers.