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Idea dump

From time to time I come up with ideas which, for whatever reason, I can’t work on right now.

Rather than jealously guarding these ideas, I’m going to post them here in regular bursts, in case someone out there wants to run with them.

Most importantly, sharing your ideas triggers something unexpected: it forces you to come up with new ones.




Sign in with your twitter ID and this app lets you organise and print a nicely-bound, printed book of all your tweets (or any user’s) - complete with dates and locations.

The right-hand-side pages can show extracts from shared links, photos, etc - all programatically generated by the site. A nice analog version of your 140-character memories for the hipsters.

Update: This does exist, although there doesn't seem to be any content integration other than tweets. http://www.tweetbookz.com/



Helmet-mounted flash disk video camera - like the (now defunct) Flip Mino, but a totally "sealed unit" needing only a battery and nothing more.

The camera would be activated by a mercury tilt-switch or an accelerometer and would begin and end recordings automatically.

In the event of an incident on the road, the owner could plug the camera into their computer and view video files ordered into time-stamped folders of every journey. Bonus points for adding a GPS to add location data to each trip.



A wiki-powered site where vehicle registration plates are the subdomains, for example:


Like a Wikipedia article, the site could record a definitive outline of the vehicle the registration is attached to, and swaps between owners (for personal plates) could be supported too.

Other data which could be stored would include; comments about driving, offers and requests for lift-sharing, and generally building a community around road users. The wiki-powered nature of the site would create a traceable history of every registration, publicly available and editable.


I'm going to (try to) update regularly, so: more ideas next week.