Inside the PXP3 Slim Station

The 'PXP3 Slim Station' is a 'knock off' handheld games console. Made in China and unbranded, it's packaged in a smaller version of a Sony PSP case - cloned of course. It runs a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis in the US) emulator and comes with a built in selection of games and a plug-in cartridge with more games on. I'm assuming these are all unlicensed ROMS harvested from the web.

I got mine for £12 (including free shipping) - packaging and build quality are awful as you'd expect but the screen and emulation quality are surprisingly decent.


Number of games claimed on internal ROM and cartridge: 999888 + 900000 = 1,899,888

Number of games actually included in reality: about 50

Mainboard markings: 5013 KJ PXP2-k 2013-08-27

Main ROM is part number: MSP55LV100G

The main IC is globbed with a big blob of resin so sadly I wasn't able to get a part number for it, images below.

PXP3 slim station mainboard internals