Lexmark vs Lion

I've lost a couple of hours trying to get a Lexmark Impact S305 printer (and combined scanner) to work with OS X Lion 10.7.1, to try to save some people some pain, here's how I fixed it.

The printer shows up as S300-S400 Series in Lion - and if you've just switched the printer on it will work fine. If the printer goes into sleep mode however, you can't wake it.

My network showed the printer as having an assigned IP address, but the only way to make it print was to hard-reset the printer, turning it off and then on again. Annoying.

Even then, printing would sometimes result in:
/..path../Lexmark CUPSDriver failed

  1. Remove the printer by opening Print and Fax, and clicking the minus icon to remove the queue
  2. Run the Lexmark uninstaller app, if you've got it (Spotlight to find it)
  3. Restart your Mac
  4. Download and install the 10.7 Driver bundle from Lexmark: http://downloads.lexmark.com/downloads/cpd/S300Series_X_1.0.172.dmg
  5. Restart your Mac
  6. Download and install the 'H' series firmware from Lexmark: http://fwuws.lexmark.com/?func=redirlatest&prtr=4443101&fwver=S305_H010109_00&os=mac
  7. Once the printer has rebooted you're good to go.