A plea to developers: help reboot payment

We've got a fantastic iOS app called Droplet that lets you pay people, real shops as well as your friends, without transaction fees. We're also launching on Android too in the next few weeks.

For our customers, we're all about the app - it's the only way they interact with our product and experience our service.

We only really offer our customers a few functions: top-up, make a payment, view merchants and transactions. But from those handful of functions, there's a world of subtle complexity that the simple experience belies.

So in reality, we're much more: we're a robust, scalable, always-on platform for making payments over the web.

If a customer makes a payment, it has to work. Every time. No mid-payment failures, no unreachable endpoints, no downtime. All the while keeping the service incredibly fast and bank-grade secure.

It's an enormous challenge for a big financial institution, let alone a 10-person startup.

We're looking for talented developers to join our funded startup and take on this challenge.

The task is a big one, but in return we offer a degree of freedom and respect for engineering as a discipline that you won't find in many companies:

  • Work to your own agenda, anywhere, any time. Get great stuff done, and we don't mind how you do it.
  • Collaboration, mentoring and support from our world-class team.
  • An employee share option scheme so you can join in the success of Droplet as we grow.

Our plan is to extend down into the 'financial stack' layer-by-layer, because we believe that the openness, freedom and power of the web can be applied to banking, finance and payments. Not only is this desirable; it's inevitable.

We're rebooting payment. Join us: join@dropletpay.com