Raspberry Pi won't work

First up: I want the Pi to succeed, and I think getting more children into programming, rather than just teaching them to use Microsoft Word, is a good thing.

The Raspberry Pi however, won't work for the purposes I keep hearing about. Here's why: the barriers they aim to tackle with a low-cost device aren't cost-related.

Children need teaching, support and inspiration to want to get into building things using computers. The Pi is cheap, yes, but it's hardly convenient.

Easy, cheap (or free) routes into coding already exist; what's to stop a kid heading to a library and hitting tryruby - learning the basics of a popular web language? Or even simpler, getting a free homepage from Google Sites and learning HTML and CSS?

An old second-hand laptop running Linux would be about as cheap, more portable and more useful than the Pi. The Pi has its uses of course, but it's not a magic bullet.

I want the Pi to succeed, but I think the idea that its low price point alone will get more kids into programming is misguided.