Will Grant

User Experience Consultant & Author with over 20 years experience delivering powerful web & mobile products that have reached over a billion users.

The band

You get some people together (startup), borrow some old instruments (fork something off GitHub), and start getting some songs together (MVP).

Your mum and friends say "you guys sound pretty good!" (initial market validation), so your dad buys you a drum kit (friends and family round) and you record an EP (out of beta).

You start playing local venues (initial traction) and build up a fan base (early adopters) who love you and tell all their friends (network effects).

You get signed to a major label (raise series A), record your first studio album (product launch), and then you're on the cover of some music magazines (TechCrunch).

After a while you notice that lots of fans are heading to new gigs (Facebook) and leaving your shows a little empty (MySpace) - so you release a greatest hits album (exit to BigCo).

After many years of touring (vesting), you decide to start your own record label (VC fund) and support some new bands coming through.