One year since Tweetie became Twitter

It's almost a year to the day since Twitter acquired Loren Brichter's wonderful iOS app Tweetie. They of course bought him in a talent acquisition and set him to work on the re-badged Twitter apps.

I'm a huge fan of Twitter (the service) and Twitter (the app) but I can't help feeling that a year on, it's really not come that far.

Take a look at this:

It's the default search screen that shows when you hit the search control at the bottom of the iPhone app. Let's look at three problems with this:

The 'Saved Searches' panel is a method I use freqently to browse my interests - less cumbersome that setting up search columns in TweetDeck, and even better: it syncs across apps and the Twitter website.

So, why is it closed by default? I've opted to save these searches, but they're being hidden.

Next, WTF is this? A (seemingly) random tweet about how if someone 'appears multiple times in your dreams, the person misses you'. I have no idea who the user is, or what this is about. I only know it's of zero interest to me. Twitter thinks that this is more important than my saved searches.

I'm not a fan of Trending topics anyway, but the only three in view are meaningless hashtags. No context, no explanation - just three things I have absolutely no interest in at all. Again, Twitter: why is this more important than searches I have saved?

Sure, the awful 'Quickbar' (or 'Dick Bar' as it was dubbed) has been removed - but I just wish things were a little more thought through.

I wonder if Loren is not getting the free reign at Twitter - and some of these decisions are instead being driven by a desire to get eyeballs on 'Promoted Tweets'.

Either way, it's bad design.