Will Grant

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Web-snooping bill could trigger powerful new tools

The UK government's plans to surveil every person in the country with unprecedented powers over email and web traffic are astonishing.

But, it might not all be bad news.

This move could be the catalyst for a whole new market of software: software which allows normal people to protect their privacy online.

A simple, easy to use email encryption plugin, or a consumer-friendly version of Tor are possible and could find a huge new market: everyone in the UK.

Tools like PGP and Tor are powerful but hard for the 'normal' user to understand, install and use. In the same way that it's always been possible to use rsync to back up your computer - Dropbox made it simple.

Such a privacy product could be made to allow regular, non-technical people to protect their personal data online.

If you're looking for an idea to start a web business around, maybe personal privacy is a good place to start.