When users can choose any digital product why should they choose yours?

User experience is the difference between product success and product failure. A stunning customer experience creates products people love to use and contributes in a meaningful way to your bottom line.


User Experience Consultant & Author with over 20 years experience overseeing the design, information architecture and usability of powerful web & mobile products that have reached over a billion users.


After his Computer Science degree, Will trained with Jakob Nielsen and Bruce Tognazzini at the Nielsen Norman Group - the world leaders in usable design.

Will is co-founder & design lead at UX-focused analytics tool Prodlytic, data migration tool SQLizer, and open-source visualisation product QueryTree.

Will invented and designed Droplet’s products on the web and mobile including mobile apps for consumers and merchants on iOS and Android, and a globally-scalable platform and APIs for real-time payments and loyalty.